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Charity Governance, Administration, Policies and Procedures

The documents in this subfolder are designed to help you to set up and run your charity properly and efficiently, and to save you time. There are items in this subfolder which will be of use whether you are either planning to found a new charity or are already running a charity.

The subfolder includes a guidance note about the lawfulness of ex gratia payments by charities, a guidance note and procedures for making complaints to a charity (since the Charity Commission recommends that charities have a complaint policy), a template safeguarding policy (since the Charity Commission requires all charities to have a safeguarding policy), a guidance note on the formalities legally required to be met in relation to a charity’s business documents, and several other useful items including a form of agreement for use when buying in various types of service.

The first steps when planning to set up a new charity are to check that it is necessary and appropriate to set up a charity, that what you intend to set up will in law amount to a charity, and how to set up a charity. It is essential to clarify all of this at the outset. On this topic, we recommend that you read the first three Guidance Notes in this subfolder. The next step is to choose a suitable legal structure and adopt an appropriate form of constitution for your new charity. Our Charity Constitution Document Templates subfolder contains various templates covering several types of legal structure.

You will then need to consider what further steps you need to take to run the charity. Various legal requirements apply (under charity, trust, and/or company law) when a group of people decide to set up and run a charity. The particular legal requirements that apply will depend on the type of legal structure chosen for the new charity and its particular circumstances. Some of the items in this subfolder and in other subfolders in this Charity group will assist you both to comply with applicable law and minimise legal risks in the day to day running of your charity.

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