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Guidance on whether to set up a charity

Guidance Note: Is it necessary or appropriate to set up a charity?


This Guidance Note: Is It Necessary Or Appropriate To Set Up A Charity? serves as a very useful reference tool to help you decide whether to set up a new charity or instead fulfil your charitable or other altruistic aims in some other way.

This Note signposts a number of issues to consider when you are looking at how to support or benefit either the community generally or a particular section of the community, or a charitable or other worthwhile cause. The Note will help you focus on what you wish to achieve and how you might best seek to achieve it. It looks at whether and how you should start a new charity, or, instead, whether and how you might support or engage with an existing charity or start or support a type of non-profit organization other than a charity. It covers donating, fundraising, grantmaking, volunteering and becoming a charity trustee.

To supplement the information contained in this Note, it includes a number of links to other relevant items in the Charity & Non-Profit Document Templates group, and also to useful relevant items on government and other external websites.

This Guidance Note: Is It Necessary Or Appropriate To Set Up A Charity? is designed to be used in conjunction with the accompanying Guidance Note: Setting Up A New Charity in this subfolder. We recommend that you also read that Note after you have read this Guidance Note, before you make any final decision as to whether to set up a new charity or any other type of organisation.

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