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Premises Hire

Hire of Premises

This subfolder contains two template Agreements for use by a charity, one where it hires out all or part of its premises to another person or organisation, and one where it hires all or part of premises from another person or organisation.

Both documents carefully protect the position of the charity, but their terms are nevertheless fair to the other party.

In the interests of both parties, these templates set out all of the important legal and commercial terms of the arrangement.

These documents contain wording suited to hire of either the whole of the premises or only a part or parts of the premises. Each document includes provisions allowing hire of the premises for either a one off session or block booking a number of sessions.

You might instead wish to consider using one of the documents in the Hire of Room, Hall or Other Premises subfolder in our Business folder. It contains a greater range of templates for hire of premises or part premises, with each one catering for a different situation. Your charity might instead wish to use one of those documents if it suits your purposes but you will need to bear in mind that each of those documents are slanted towards the interests of the owner, irrespective of whether the owner or the hirer is an individual, company, charity or other type of organisation.

These Hire of Premises templates are part of the Corporate Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Corporate Documents Folder.
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