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Charity & Non-Profit Document Templates

Charity and Non-Profit Documents

Whether you are starting a new charity or running an existing charity organisation, our Charity and Non-Profit group contains documents for any size of charity, for each stage of its existence. It also includes documents for setting up private members' clubs including Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

These documents are designed for various types of charities and clubs and are professionally drafted. They include various document templates as well as guidance notes. Constructed in Word in a stable format, the templates can be edited to suit the needs of your charity.

Please click on the links below to view the detailed description of each document in the portfolio.

We also have a range of documents for leasing or licencing of property to or by a charity (including land, office and retail premises) together with various guidance notes about leasing, licencing, acquisition and disposal of property to or by a charity. These are all in our Property Folder and you can find them by clicking on the following link to the Charity Documents Group in the Property Folder.

These Charities templates and guidance notes are part of the Corporate Folder. One payment of £35 + VAT will provide you with unlimited downloads of all documents in the Corporate folder for one year. To subscribe, click on My Account and register your details with us.

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