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Members of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

The documents in this subfolder are designed to be used in relation to the members of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“CIO”) to aid the smooth running of the CIO.

The documents comprise a form of letter to be used by an individual applying to become a member of the CIO, a form for the CIO to accept that person’s application, a form of certificate of membership that the CIO can issue to the member, a form of resignation of membership, a register in which the CIO can enter (as a permanent historic record) details of all present and past members of the CIO and the acceptances and resignations of all members, a list of all current members from time to time (to assist with day to day administration), and a form of written resolution of members for use when it is proposed that a members resolution be passed in writing as opposed to being passed at a members’ meeting.

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Members of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is part of Corporate Documents. Just £35.00 + VAT provides unlimited downloads from Corporate Documents for 1 year.

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