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Confirmation Statements of a Charitable Company Limited By Guarantee


Since June 2016 companies, including charities set up as charitable companies limited by guarantee, do not have to submit an annual return to Companies House. They are instead required to confirm (and update) similar information at any time during a 12 month period using Companies House Form CS01. It is a criminal offence not to do this and the charitable company and its officers, i.e. the trustees/directors may be prosecuted for failure to file a confirmation statement within the specified time period. 

The CS01 form and the CS01 continuation pages forms can both be found on the Companies House website here.

We have a user friendly and practical guidance note in our Company Secretary and Administration group on the subject of confirmation statements covering what a confirmation statement is, how and when it needs to be filed as well as the contents of the confirmation statement. Our guidance note can be found by clicking here . More information is available on the Companies House website.

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