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Charity Volunteer Agreements

Many charities, large and small, involve volunteers in fundraising, administration and day to day activities, either occasionally or on a regular basis. The documents in this subfolder will help charities to manage their volunteers and minimise the risk that they are treated in law as employees.

There is no legal definition of “volunteering”, but if charities do not make suitable arrangements with their volunteers, they may in law be treated not as volunteers but as employees. If an individual is an employee, the charity, as his employer, will have legal obligations and liabilities to that person which it would not have to a volunteer.

To minimise the risk that a volunteer will in law be an employee, charities should use a written volunteering agreement when engaging any volunteer.

The documents in this subfolder include two forms of volunteering agreement as well as detailed guidance for charities about engaging volunteers.

For guidance on charity fundraising by volunteer groups, see the Guidance Notes - Volunteer Charity Fundraising Groups in the Charity Fundraising and Grants subfolder.

The descriptions of the Short Form Volunteer’s Agreement and the Long Form Volunteer’s Agreement explain which of those forms is more likely to be suitable in any particular case.

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