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Trustees' Approval by Written Resolution: Charitable Trust


The model Trust Deed Constitution for a Charitable Trust which you can see here includes, in Clause 22, the power to make regulations for a method of making decisions in order to deal with cases or urgency when a meeting is impractical.

Unlike some other model constitutions this model constitution does not also give power to the trustees to pass a written resolution instead of passing a resolution at a meeting. However, this Trustees' Approval by Written Resolution: Charitable Trust contains two separate templates which can be used together by trustees of a charitable trust to enable them to pass written resolutions.

These template documents may be particularly useful if a decision of the trustee board is required and the board has not got the time to call a meeting or trustees are unavailable to attend a board meeting.

The first template records the approval of the trustees to certain resolutions and to the charity’s entry into specific documents and to authorise the execution of those documents by named trustees.

The second template is a set of minutes of a special trustee board meeting which adopts a regulation (pursuant to Clause 22(1)(b) of the model constitution) empowering the trustees to agree written resolutions such as those set out in the first template. Once such a board meeting has been held, the trustees will,  from time to time on any subsequent occasion, be able to make decisions by means of a written resolution of all of the trustees rather than having to meet.

If your charity is not in the form of the above model constitution, you will need to check whether and how it provides for the trustees to be able to make such regulations and/or make decisions by means of written resolutions. If your constitution does have such provisions, you might, after making suitable amendments, be able to use one or both templates comprised in this Trustees' Approval by Written Resolution: Charitable Trust.

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