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Advising employee of investigation

Letter advising an employee of investigation into misconduct


This Letter advising an employee of investigation into misconduct should be used by employers to advise an employee that an investigation is being undertaken into alleged misconduct.

The letter advises the employee that the Company will review documentation, interview witnesses and may invite the employee to an investigatory meeting to give his or her version of events leading to the allegation of misconduct.

After the disciplinary investigation, the employer will advise the employee of next steps. If the employer decides to proceed with formal disciplinary action, the employer should write to the employee giving details of the case against him or her.

The employer should ensure that it acts fairly and consistently in handling potential disciplinary matters.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires employers to comply with core principles for collecting and processing data. In this context, this information will normally be provided through an employee privacy notice at the start of the employment relationship.

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