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Template Board Minutes

Minutes of Board Meetings

Companies are required by law to take minutes of all meetings of its directors. Listed below are our standard form board meeting minutes as well as specific board meeting minutes related to a range of corporate tasks, all contained in one subfolder for ease of reference.

Board minutes must accurately record and reflect all the resolutions and decisions made by the directors of a company and should contain enough information for a reader to have an understanding of the background to every decision made at a particular meeting. They must be retained for at least 10 years from the date of the meeting. Failure to comply is an offence committed by every officer of the company.

This Minutes of Board Meetings subfolder contains standard form board meeting minutes which can be customised to suit the agenda of your meeting as well as board meeting minutes related to specific corporate tasks. The specific minutes can also be found in the relevant sections of our Corporate folder to which they relate and reference should be made to that specific section for more detailed information.

The documents in the Minutes of Board Meetings subfolder are fully compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

Subscription to the Corporate Documents Folder enables you to download for one year any of these Minutes of Board Meetings templates, plus all other documents in Corporate.
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