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Issue, allotment and transfer of shares within a private company

Share Capital

This Share Capital subfolder details the key legal provisions of the Companies Act 2006 governing a company’s share capital. This includes the issue, allotment and transfer of shares within a private company and the removal (if necessary) of a company’s authorised share capital. This subfolder contains a summary guidance note as well as a range of template documents for company secretaries when dealing with the process of administering share capital requirements.

On incorporation and registration of a limited company, the shareholders must agree to take some, or all, of the shares. Managing the share structure of a company is therefore a fundamental part of any company secretarial role and a company secretary or company administrator will need to be familiar with the procedures and processes involved in making changes to a company’s share capital, whether this is issuing and allotting new shares, dis-applying pre-emption rights or sending out new share certificates.

This subfolder takes a methodical step by step approach to guide you through what can be a technical and complicated area of the company secretarial process. We have included a practical guidance note on Share Capital, as well as template articles of association, shareholder resolutions, board minutes, stock transfer forms, share certificates, letters to Companies House and Companies House forms that you may need in order to successfully administer this process.

Each document in the Share Capital subfolder is fully compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

For a more in depth look at Share Capital, particularly relating to own share purchases, share capital reductions, redemption of shares and share re-classification, please refer to our Share Capital & Profits Group.

The documents in the Share Capital subfolder are part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35+VAT.
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