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How to voluntarily strike a company off the register

Company Voluntary Strike Off & Dissolution

This Strike Off & Dissolution Subfolder details the legal requirements governing the process set out in Part 31 of the Companies Act 2006 and specifically removing a company from the register voluntarily (section 1003 Companies Act 2006). Once a company’s name has been struck off the register, the company is dissolved and no longer exists as a legal entity.

Companies that are no longer needed, whether because for example, the directors wish to retire or because the company is no longer trading etc, may choose to apply voluntarily to be struck off the register. As there are inherent costs and burdens in keeping a company on the register, it is sensible to consider whether a company should still be kept on the register if it is not otherwise active. This procedure is not an alternative to formal insolvency proceedings.

Companies must follow a set procedure to be struck off the register and failure to adhere to the process as set out in the Companies Act 2006 is a serious offence.

This subfolder contains a package of template documents in order to assist company directors considering this process. This includes:

  • a guidance note;
  • checklist;
  • board resolution;
  • letter before proposed strike off application to relevant parties;
  • letter seven days after the strike off application to relevant parties enclosing a copy of the application; and
  • Companies House forms DS01 and DS02.

This sub-folder is designed for private limited companies considering voluntary strike off. It does not deal with the tax considerations or tax related issues associated with strike off. Independent tax or legal advice may be required.

Each document in the Strike Off & Dissolution subfolder is compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

The documents in the Company Voluntary Strike Off and Dissolution subfolder are part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35+VAT.

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