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Option to Keep Statutory Registers on Central Register at Companies House

Keeping Registers at Companies House

Companies Act 2006, as amended by Section 94 and Schedule 5 of the Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, now gives private companies the option to stop maintaining in part their own set of company books and instead elect to keep their statutory registers at Companies House.

The relevant registers include the:

  • register of members;
  • register of directors;
  • register of directors’ residential addresses;
  • register of secretaries (if applicable); and
  • register of people with significant control (PSCs).

This Keeping Registers at Companies House subfolder contains the paperwork involved should a private company wish to take advantage of this voluntary regime. This includes:

  1. a guidance note on the process;
  2. the relevant notices to Companies House to make the election;
  3. the relevant notices to withdraw the election; and
  4. in the case of the register of members, the relevant letters and notices required to seek the approval of the company’s members to the making of the election.

This subfolder deals with the first four of the registers listed above. The information and template paperwork required for the register of PSCs can be found in our PSC group of documents.

This Keeping Registers at Companies House subfolder is part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35 + VAT.
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