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How to Prepare Annual Report & Accounts

Annual Accounts & Audit

The Annual Accounts & Audit subfolder details the legal stipulations governing accounting and audit requirements for private companies under the Companies Act 2006. It provides a summary guidance note and a range of template documents, including board minutes and shareholder resolutions for use by finance directors and company secretaries in preparing the accounts and dealing with auditors.

Companies are expressly required by law to keep “adequate accounting records” which are “sufficient to show and explain the company’s transactions”. This in practice means that private companies must prepare and file annual accounts, with non-compliance being a criminal offence. This subfolder includes a guidance note which is a practical “how to” guide for company secretaries and finance directors in relation to the preparation and distribution of the annual accounts. The guidance note also considers the exemptions available to small and micro companies (including producing abridged accounts), audit requirements and the process of appointing, removing or replacing an auditor.

The other documents listed below are the board minutes, shareholder resolutions, letters and Companies House forms required in the process of appointing, removing or replacing the auditor in order to comply with the Companies Act 2006.

Each document in the Annual Accounts and Audit subfolder is compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

The documents in the Annual Accounts & Audit subfolder are part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35 + VAT.
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