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Service Contracts for Residential Landlords

The documents in this folder are for use by Residential Landlords who want to appoint contractors to provide services at their properties. The folder contains Service Contracts (or Service Agreements) for different types of service.

Some service providers, particularly large entities, will have their own terms and conditions which they will require the Landlord to sign up to. If the service provider does not have its own terms and conditions, or if the Landlord’s bargaining power is such that it can insist on the service provider adopting the Landlord’s own form of contract, these templates can be used.

The Service Agreements can be used whether the service provider is an individual or a company. They are suitable for the scenario where a Cleaner, Gardener, Handyman or other Service Provider is providing services to rental properties on a recurring basis.

The Cleaner, Gardener and General Service Contracts envisage visits being made by the service provider to the property on a regular (daily, weekly or monthly) basis. The Handyman Contract is slightly different in that it provides a framework for the Handyman to provide services on an ad hoc basis.

The Contracts contain detailed provisions setting out the obligations of each party and the payment structure. It is assumed that both the Landlord and the service provider are acting in the course of a business. These templates are not suitable for “business-to-consumer” transactions.

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