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Maternity Policy


This Maternity Policy sets out the employee’s rights throughout their maternity, before, during and after childbirth. Important aspects addressed include the right to the leave itself, the right to Statutory Maternity Pay, the right to keep in touch and the right to return to work.

Employees are automatically entitled to a total of 52 weeks' Maternity Leave, comprising 26 weeks’ Ordinary Maternity Leave and 26 weeks’ Additional Maternity Leave.

The right to return to work is determined by how much leave is taken. If only OML is taken, the employee is entitled to return to her original job. If AML is taken, the employee is still entitled to return to her job, subject however to the proviso that if it is not reasonably practicable, the employer may provide a job that is suitable and appropriate for her on terms and conditions no less favourable.

Statutory Maternity Pay ("SMP") is available to female employees that have worked for their current employer for at least 26 weeks by the fifteenth week before they expect to give birth (the “Qualifying Week”). SMP is paid for 39 weeks.

The standard rate of Statutory Maternity Pay is set by the Government and is often subject to an increase in April of each year. Please refer to the HMRC website for the latest rate of SMP.

This policy contains the following clauses:

1. Introduction

2. Time off for Antenatal Care

3. Entitlement

4. Notification of Pregnancy

5. Maternity Leave

6. Maternity Pay

7. Rights during Maternity Leave Period

8. Stillbirth and Miscarriage

9. Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

10. Shared Parental Leave

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