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Section 48 Notice of Landlord’s Address


Under section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 a Landlord must provide his Tenant with an address in England where notices may be served on the Landlord. This can be the Landlord’s own address or the address of a managing agent or other third party. Unless and until this requirement has been complied with, any rent or service charge will not be legally due from the Tenant.

Generally, a Notice under section 48 will be contained in the tenancy agreement. However, it may be necessary to serve such a Notice during the tenancy if, for example, the tenancy agreement does not contain a section 48 Notice, there has been a change of Landlord or the Landlord’s address has changed.

This Section 48 Notice of Landlord’s Address advises the Tenant of the Landlord’s address for service of notices. 

Landlords should also note that section 47 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 requires the Landlord’s name and address to be contained in all demands for rent. Case law has clarified that the address given under section 47 must be the Landlord’s own address. This is in contrast to section 48 where the address for service can be that of an agent of the Landlord.

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