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Periodic Occupation Contract for Use in Wales


This Periodic Occupation Contract (non-model version) provides an alternative version to the Welsh Government’s Model Written Statement. It incorporates the fundamental and supplementary provisions contained within the Welsh Government’s Model Written Statement with modification and additional standard provisions. This template is intended to be more suitable for use by landlords and incorporates many additional provisions which would previously have been found within a standard assured shorthold tenancy but which are not included within the Model Written Statement.

In compliance with the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, where a fundamental or supplementary term of the Model Written Statement has been omitted or changed, these are identified within this template as follows:

  • Omissions of text have been struck through
  • New text is shown in CAPITALS
  • New additional provisions are identified with an (A) 

It is important that these differences remain in the text of the final version of the occupation contract.

This template, in particular, contains the following additional provisions:

Clause 9A - The dwelling can only be used as the contract-holder’s only or main home. This provides the landlord the right to recover the dwelling on abandonment which the Welsh Government’s Model Form does not.

Clauses 12A & 14A - Additional landlord rights to enter the dwelling.

Clause 15A - Additional responsibilities on the contract-holder to take care of the dwelling including regular testing of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and compliance with fire regulations. An optional clause dealing with pets at the dwelling which can be retained or removed as required.

Clause 15B – Optional clauses placing responsibilities on contract-holders in HMOs which can be retained or removed as needed.

Clauses 26A – imposing additional responsibilities in respect of the security of a dwelling.

Clause 38A – additional requirements at the end of the contract, for example, permitting the landlord to affix a marketing sign.

A periodic contract rolls over from one rental period to the next (e.g. from week to week or month to month with no fixed end date. More information about periodic occupation contract can be read in the Guidance on Standard Occupation Contracts.

Periodic Occupation Contract (non-model version) is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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