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Receipt of Grievance Letter


This Letter Responding to Grievance from Ex Employee is intended to be used to respond to a complaint from a former employee. There are optional clauses depending on the nature of the complaint.

There is no legal requirement for employers to deal formally with complaints made by individuals who have left their employment. In some circumstances, for example, when an ex-employee makes a serious complaint about his or her own treatment and has indicated an intention to bring an employment tribunal claim, the employer may decide not to respond to a grievance.

However, it may be advisable for the employer to respond to an ex-employee's complaint if, for example, the ex-employee has raised an issue where the employer is clearly at fault and that can easily be rectified, such as an underpayment of wages.

It may also be good practice for the employer to respond to a more serious complaint made by an ex-employee. The employer should take such a complaint by a former employee seriously, and inform him or her of any investigations that it is undertaking or any action that is being taken.

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