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End of the apprenticeship discussion

Letter inviting an apprentice to a meeting to discuss the end of the apprenticeship


Apprenticeships are fixed-term contracts and there is no obligation on the employer to offer apprentices a permanent job at the end of the apprenticeship.

However, employers should be aware that, if an apprentice has two years' service or more, there is a risk of an unfair dismissal claim. It is important, therefore, for the employer to follow a fair process at the end of the apprenticeship contract.

This letter invites the apprentice to attend a meeting to discuss the arrangements for the end of the apprenticeship, such as alternative employment opportunities, training, feedback on the apprenticeship etc. It is advisable for employers to look carefully for suitable employment opportunities for the apprentice elsewhere in the Company.

The letter warns the apprentice that their employment with the Company may come to an end if suitable alternative employment is not identified and gives the apprentice the right to be accompanied to the meeting.

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