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Information and Consultation of Employees Policy


This Information and Consultation of Employees Policy is designed to provide a structure for small companies to adopt in order to comply with the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations. It provides a simple mechanism whereby the employer can consult with consultation representatives elected by the employees.

This policy template is designed to be adopted by the employer with little or no negotiation with employees, and it is not anticipated that it will be ratified by the employees. It is therefore not suitable for those companies to whom the Regulations apply or who wish to have a valid “pre-existing arrangement” should they employ over 50 people in the future; the Information and Consultation of Employees Agreement is recommended for organisations with 50 employees or more (or indeed those organisations approaching 50 employees).

The Regulations place an onus on employers to keep staff informed and consult their opinion on a range of issues likely to affect their employment, such as the recent performance of the company and any future changes to the employment structure. It is up to the employer and the employees to come to an arrangement as to how the information and consultation should be carried out.

This Information and Consultation of Employees Policy reflects the standard procedures contained in the Regulations, laying down the type of matters which will be shared and consulted upon and those that will not. Crucially to the employer it also contains a section dealing with confidentiality, so that consultation can occur without fear of employees disclosing commercially sensitive information to outside parties.

This Information and Consultation Policy contains the following sections:
1. Aim of the Policy
2. Informing and Consulting
3. Subject Matter of this Policy
4. Consultation Representatives
5. Confidentiality

Words and phrases in square brackets are optional and may be omitted in order to better suit your requirements.

This policy template is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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