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Drugs Policy Template

Drugs Policy


This Drugs Policy is designed for use by a Company to make sure that all of its employees are aware of the dangers of using non-prescription illegal drugs and “legal highs” (or psychoactive drugs), and that use of such substances will not be tolerated.

This document has been reviewed for compatibility with the GDPR. Reference is made to the Company's Data Protection Policy and all personal data (and sensitive personal data, which is particularly relevant where health matters are concerned) should be handled in accordance with such a policy.

Many of the problems associated with the misuse of non-prescription drugs are similar to those encountered in the misuse of alcohol. However it must be impressed upon both Employers and Employees that the misuse of non-prescribed drugs is a criminal offence.

Furthermore, abuse of illegal drugs can frequently lead to a more rapid degeneration than the misuse of alcohol and must therefore be approached differently by an Employer.

This Drugs Policy includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Aims of the Policy
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Searches
  5. Prohibition
  6. Disciplinary Action
  7. Principles

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