Emergency Leave Policy Template

Emergency Leave Policy


This Emergency Leave Policy (also known as Time off for Dependants) is designed to comply with, and if necessary exceed the rights granted to Employees by law when taking time off to deal with an unforeseen emergency.

The right to time off for dependants is available to everyone who has a contract of employment whether they work on a part time or full time basis with the exception of the police, armed forces or security services.

This policy will help to ensure that Employers do provide their workers with their statutory right to time off in an emergency, however it must be noted that the right only applies to dependants and does not therefore apply to matters such as problems with pets or property. 

This Time Off for Dependants Policy contains the following clauses:
1. Introduction
2. Provision
3. Meaning of Dependant
4. Advance Notice and Extended Leave
5. The Employee's Rights
6. Misuse of the Right to Time Off
7. Relationship with Other Policies

8. Refusal and Complaints

In late 2017, the Government published the Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill which will, when enacted, entitle parents, where a child aged under 18 dies, to at least two weeks' paid time off to grieve. At present, parents are only entitled to paid time off in these circumstances.

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