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Breach of Lease Letter Templates

Breaches of the Lease Templates

During the term of a Lease it may also be necessary for the Landlord to raise with the Tenant issues such as late payment of rent or complaints about the Tenant’s behaviour. 

These Breaches of the Lease documents include Letters regarding rent arrears and other breaches of the Lease. The Letters range in severity from gentle reminders to final warnings.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a moratorium in place which prevents landlords from terminating a lease for non-payment of rent in England and Wales.  The moratorium is due to end on the 25 March 2022.  

Commercial landlords and letting agents need to be aware of The Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space Moratorium and Mental Health Crisis Moratorium) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020. These regulations may affect you if your tenant (an individual) is in problem debt.  These regulations prohibit you from chasing your tenant (and anyone who is jointly liable) for rent arrears, charging late interest and fees and taking any enforcement action for rent arrears caught by the moratorium whilst your tenant is in a 'breathing space'.  These regulations mainly affect residential tenancies but commercial tenancies may be caught where the tenant is an individual, they are not registered for VAT and the debts do not relate solely to the business.

Other documents may be needed during the term of a Lease. A wide variety of documents can be found in our Managing the Letting, Alterations, Assignments and Underletting folders.

These Breaches of the Lease documents are part of the Property Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Property Folder.

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