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Signing Property Contracts and Deeds

Contracts and Deeds are only valid if they are executed and signed correctly. If you have ever wondered if you are following the correct formalities to sign a contract and/or a deed, and/or whether they can be signed electronically, this subfolder contains helpful Guidance Notes on this topic. These Guidance Notes are practical guides to getting it right when it comes to the process of executing agreements. 

The Land Registry has strict requirements for documents submitted for registration and it is important that these are correct.

The Guidance Note: Formalities for Signing Property Contracts and Deeds is a practical guide to getting it right when it comes to executing property deeds and contracts.  A transaction will not be valid unless the documents are executed correctly and consequently could be rejected by the Land Registry.

The Guidance Note: Electronic Execution of Property Deeds explains the different methods of electronic execution of property documents which are acceptable to the Land Registry.

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