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Website Privacy & Cookie Policies

These UK GDPR Website Privacy and Cookie Policies should be applied where data is collected online. If data is collected offline, then the most suitable document is the Privacy Notice Template (sometimes also referred to as Privacy Policy).

Whenever your organisation uses personal data, it is important that the individuals concerned (“data subjects”) are kept informed of what data you are using, what for, and why. It is also important (especially under the UK GDPR) that those data subjects are aware of their legal rights with respect to data protection and how to exercise them.

The Website Privacy Policies, Cookie Policy, and Cookie Law Guidance Notes in this subfolder have been designed for use with a wide range of websites, extending from those which do not collect data directly (but may still do so if, for example, a customer sends an email to the business), to those with a full array of data collection, first and third-party cookies, and website analytics. Detailed practical guidance on complying with so-called “Cookie Law” is also provided.

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