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Privacy Information Guidance Notes


26 November 2023 Update: This document has been reviewed and updated for compatibility with the UK-US Data Bridge and other “partial findings of adequacy” relating to specific organisations, legislation, and frameworks.

One of the key principles of the UK's data protection legislation (and, in particular, the UK GDPR) is transparency. Closely linked with this is the Right to be Informed. Individual data subjects must be given certain pieces of key information about your collection, processing, and holding of their personal data and must be given that information in a clear, plain, concise, and easily-accessible way.

Given the sheer weight of the privacy information required, providing it to individuals in a manner that is easy to digest can be a daunting task. Designed to be read alongside our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice templates, these Guidance Notes have been designed to explain the requirements set down by the UK GDPR in more detail, as well as providing some essential tips on practical compliance.

We also answer a common question asked by our customers: what is the difference between a Privacy Policy and a Privacy Notice? In short, the terms mean exactly the same thing. Here at Simply-Docs we use the terms to differentiate between “online” and “offline”. Both, however, provide the same required privacy information.

These Privacy Information Guidance Notes contain the following clauses:

1. The Information Required
2. Background - The Right to be Informed
3. Exceptions
4. Drafting Privacy Information - Language
5. Dealing with Change
6. Dealing with Other Organisations
7. Artificial Intelligence - Automated Decision-Making
8. Conclusions

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