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Data Protection Auditing & Privacy Impact Assessments

An essential starting point in complying with the UK's data protection legislation (including the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018), and being able to demonstrate that compliance, is a data protection audit, assessing the current state of play within your business, determining the degree to which your current practices align with the requirements set down in the UK GDPR, and identifying areas for improvement. Similarly, when starting out on a new project which involves personal data, a Data Protection Impact Assessment can be a vital tool in ensuring compliance, minimising privacy risks and maximising the protection of individuals' rights.

Regular data protection audits are a vital part of data protection compliance. Conducting a thorough audit of an organisation should provide a clear picture of the current state of data protection. Existing policies, procedures, and practices can be identified, along with strengths, weaknesses, and options for improvement.

All organisations working with personal data should now be adopting a “data protection by design and default” approach - something that is particularly important under the UK GDPR - ensuring that data protection and the rights of data subjects are factored in at the early stages of any new project that will involve personal data. Data Protection Impact Assessments (also known as Privacy Impact Assessments) enable important privacy and data protection considerations to be factored in from the start by identifying potential risks and establishing solutions to those risks.

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