Data Processing Agreement Templates

Data Processing Agreements

In many situations, when an organisation wishes to process personal data, it is preferable to engage a third-party contractor to carry out the processing, particularly where it is complex and requires specialist knowledge or systems.

A data controller (that is, the party who collects and holds the original data and determines what is to be done with it) should, when engaging a data processor, put in place a contract that ensures that the data processor will comply with their legal obligations and fully protect the personal data they are processing on the controller’s behalf and the rights of the individuals whose data is being processed.

Further care must be taken if the data processor is located in a “third country” outside of the UK, EU, or EEA. In such cases, the contract must effectively bind the data processor to ensuring a level of data protection that would satisfy UK and EU law, regardless of the legal standard of data protection (usually lower) with which they would otherwise have to comply.

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