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Document Templates for Changing Share Capital

Making Changes to Share Capital

Share Capital and Profits is an instantly downloadable library of professionally drafted document templates to help companies make changes to their share capital. 

These regularly updated templates can be used for a range of purposes from issuing and transferring shares to reducing and re-classifying share capital. Each document is fully editable and has been created in Word format. To identify the right document for your purposes, there is a clear document description displayed alongside each template.

Note when using any of our templates, that Companies House from 13 March 2023, no longer accepts a set of minutes which have a resolution embedded within them. A company will instead need to file a separate copy of the resolution in circumstances where a resolution was required to be filed under the Companies Act. Their previous practice was to accept minutes which included the resolutions that were passed. 

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These Share Capital and Profits templates are part of the Corporate Document Folder. One payment of £35 + VAT will provide you with unlimited downloads of all documents in the Corporate folder for one year. To subscribe, click on My Account and register your details with us.

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