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Website Terms of Sale - Sale of Bespoke Goods (B2C) Template

Website Terms of Sale - Sale of Bespoke Goods (B2C)


These Sale of Goods Website Terms of Sale for Bespoke Goods are designed for use by online retailers on e-commerce websites selling goods to consumers. These terms are sufficiently broad to cover a wide range of goods sold on a single-transaction basis.

This document has been reviewed and updated in line with current best practice. A number of provisions have been re-worded to make them simpler, clearer, and more user-friendly. Some portions of the template have also been re-structured, also to improve user-friendliness.

This document is designed for use alongside our Sale of Goods Website Terms of Use. The Terms of Use template covers the use of the website, while this Terms of Sale template covers the sale and purchase of goods. It is important to ensure that both documents are used together.

This variant of the Terms of Sale includes provisions catering for bespoke goods, that is, goods which are customised or made to order for customers. The drafting covers both bespoke goods and standard goods.

Using consumer-friendly language, these e-commerce terms of sale guide customers through the order process, explaining the formation of the contract between them and the retailer, also setting out details on goods, pricing and availability (with particular regard to the accuracy of, and changes to such information), payment, delivery, risk and ownership.

Of particular importance is the customer’s right to cancel. In some cases, this may arise because the goods do not comply with the contract. In other cases, the customer may wish to cancel under the 14-day cooling off period granted to them under the 2013 Consumer Contracts Regulations. Detailed clauses deal with both avenues of cancellation providing guidance to customers on their rights and the appropriate steps to take. It is important to note that the 14-day cooling off period does not apply to bespoke goods, and the terms explain this to customers clearly.

Further key provisions deal with liability, customer complaints (with reference to complaints handling policies and procedures, templates for which are also available from Simply-Docs), contact information, and data protection.

Optional phrases / clauses are enclosed in square brackets. These should be read carefully and selected so as to be compatible with one another. Unused options should be removed from the document.

These Website Terms of Sale for Bespoke Goods contain the following clauses:

1. Definitions and Interpretation
2. Information About Us
3. How to Contact Us
4. Access to Our Site and Use of Our Site
5. Changes to these Terms of Sale
6. Business Customers
[7. International Customers]
8. Goods, Descriptions, and Changes
9. Pricing
10. Orders and How Contracts Are Formed
11. Payment
12. When You Own the Goods and/or Bespoke Goods
13. Delivery
14. Faulty, Damaged, or Incorrect Goods and/or Bespoke Goods
15. Your Rights to Cancel and End the Contract
16. Cancelling and Ending the Contract if You Change Your Mind
17. Cancelling and Ending the Contract Because of Something We Have Done or Will Do
18. Returning Goods and/or Bespoke Goods After Cancelling and Ending the Contract
19. Refunds
20. Our Liability to Consumers
21. Complaints and Feedback
22. How We Use Your Personal Information
23. What Happens if We Transfer this Agreement to Another Party
24. Other Important Terms
[25. Alternative Dispute Resolution]
26. Law and Jurisdiction

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