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Legal issues for sales management

Using Standard Terms and Conditions

Having a properly written set of terms and conditions (or Ts and Cs) in place can help you protect your business interests when you’re trading with other businesses or consumers. They should set out various processes such as payment, delivery and returns so that both parties know what to expect prior to any transaction taking place. This can reduce the possibility of disputes further down the line.

Businesses dealing with consumer customers need to be aware of all relevant legislation that protects consumers (including the Consumer Rights Act 2015) and ensure that their Ts and Cs for consumers are drafted within the constraints of applicable consumer legislative protections.

If you provide hire purchase or other credit facilities all arrangements may be regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and so if you do provide any credit facility, you would need expert legal advice. 

If you are a manufacturer or reseller, and will have an ongoing business relationship, you should have a formal agreement which goes beyond a set of standard Ts and Cs. 

If your commercial situation changes, you may need to change terms of your contract  supply or purchase, or even end the agreement. 

Find details on the above topics and links to a variety of relevant terms and conditions documents in the Simply Docs Business Documents Folder below. 

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