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Supply of services terms and conditions

Supply of services terms and conditions

If you are providing services to consumers or other businesses it’s vital that you protect your business interests with a professionally written set of terms and conditions. In some cases these can also refer to a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

As well as details and pricing of the service, you need to set out the method of service delivery, any cancellation or terminiation of services procedure (including length of notice to be given by the customer), and the level of service the customer should expect. If it is an ongoing service, however, a SLA can cover this in a better way. 

If a customer is not satisfied with your service, it is helpful if your Ts and Cs cover for the situation, setting out your policy. However, you have an obligation to consumers - which the law does not allow you to exclude -  to provide services with reasonable care and skill, in a reasonable time, and for a reasonable charge

You need to specify the nature of services and the price. This is particularly important if you’re doing business online or if the services are bespoke. In order for your terms to apply, you need to bring them to the attention of your customers before a transaction is completed. This can be easier to do online, by providing tick boxes which confirm that a potential purchaser agrees to your conditions. If the contract to provide services is being formed in a shop or office environment, you can provide the customer with printed copies of your Ts and Cs to sign (one for them and one for your records).

A variety of Terms and Conditions relevant to your particular business can be downloaded from our Business Documents Folder. Click on any headings under "Related Documents" below for further information.

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