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Supply of services terms and conditions

Supply of services terms and conditions

Why have Ts and Cs for services?

If you’re providing services to consumers or other businesses it’s vital that you protect your business interests with a professionally written set of terms and conditions. These will help you deal with a whole range of matters, including payment, timescales of delivering services, how to tackle any problems with the service and what to do if a customer decides to cancel their service contract. In some cases these can also refer to a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Effective Ts and Cs will clearly set out the range of expectations and obligations of both yourself and your customers, giving a stronger footing to the business relationship and leading to further custom.

What kind of terms should be applied to services?

As well as providing relevant details and pricing of the service, you should outline the method of service delivery. You can also set out the level of service which the customer should expect, particularly if it’s an ongoing service, although this can be better dealt with in a separate Service Level Agreement. Your terms should also cover any cancellations procedure, such as the amount of notice required to end a subscription.

Of particular significance to the supply of services is the scenario where a customer is not satisfied with the service you provide. It’s helpful if your Ts and Cs account for this type of situation, setting out your policy. However, bear in mind that you have certain obligations to consumers under the Supply of Goods and Services Act, to provide services:

• with reasonable care and skill
• in a reasonable time
• for a reasonable charge

How to apply your terms

Make sure that you specify the nature of services which you’re supplying and the price. This is particularly important if you’re doing business online or if the services are bespoke. If you want your terms to apply, you’ll need to bring these to the attention of your customers before a transaction is completed. This can be easier to do online, by providing tick boxes which confirm that a potential purchaser agrees to your conditions of sale. If the contract to provide services is being formed in a shop or office environment, you can provide the customer with printed copies of your Ts and Cs to sign (one for them and one for your records).

A variety of Terms and Conditions relevant to your particular business can be downloaded from our Business Documents Folder. Click on any relevant templates in the list, below, for further information.

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