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Legal aspects of marketing

Legal Aspects of Marketing

There are certain rules you must abide by if your sales strategy involves selling to customers in their homes or place of work ("doorstep selling"). See the page about legal aspects of doorstep selling below. 

Getting your message across via TV and radio can give you a substantial marketing reach. However, broadcast advertising is subject to a wide range of regulations. See the page about legal aspects of TV and radio advertising below. 

Issues that need to be considered in relation to non-broadcast forms of advertising are similar to those for broadcast advertising, including adverts that might cause harm or offence and the need to avoid any exaggerated claims that might be misleading. See the page about legal aspects of newspaper and magazine advertising below.

Marketing your products using a website or email campaigns is a cost-effective method of promoting your business to a large audience without the substantial expense of more traditional forms of advertising. However, you need to be aware of the relevant rules. See the page on legal aspects of online marketing below.  

When targeting individual customers - or potential customers - using direct sales techniques such as direct mail or cold calling, you must comply with the relevant rules about such marketing and about data protection. See the page about legal aspects of telesales and direct mail below. 

The law requires you to ensure that your regular and promotional pricing is clear and unambiguous. See the page about legal aspects of pricing, promotions and competititons below.

Pages listed below contain links to relevant templates in the Business Documents Folder. 

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