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Register of People with Significant Control – Statutory Notices

Statutory Notices for "People with Significant Control"

Under the Companies Act 2006, as amended by the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, UK incorporated companies, UK LLPs and UK Societates Europaeae must collect and keep information about people with significant control over them in a register – "Register of People with Significant Control".

A company firstly will need to identify who has significant control over it. This should include a review of the company’s articles of association, its register of members and any shareholders’ agreement in place amongst other things.

As a company can only include confirmed information on its PSC register, it must then serve a statutory notice on individuals or legal entities it knows (or has reasonable cause to believe) are registrable under the PSC regime. This extends to those who are not registrable themselves, but may know the identity of such a person. Statutory notices must also be served when the information on PSCs changes, when a PSC does not reply to a notice and when notice of any restrictions are put in place.

Customers should take particular note of changes to the PSC regime as of 26th June 2017. Companies (and LLPs) must update their PSC register within 14 days of having a change confirmed to them regarding an individual PSC or details of the change are first received in relation to a RLE. The company (or LLP) has a further 14 days to notify Companies House of any such change. Further details can be found in our PSC Guidance Note, on Companies House website or at www.gov.uk.

This subfolder includes all the statutory notices that a company may need to serve on individuals or legal entities in order to gather and verify who has significant control over the company as required under the PSC regime.

PSC Registers are part of the Corporate Folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35 + VAT.
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