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Register of People with Significant Control – Statutory Notices

Letters and Pro-Forma Replies from PSCs

Under the Companies Act 2006, as amended by the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, UK incorporated companies, UK LLPs and UK Societates Europaeae must collect and keep information about people with significant control over them in a register – "Register of People with Significant Control".

Individuals or legal entities who receive a statutory notice from a company to disclose their registrable interests or any information they have about registrable interests will need to reply to the company within one month of the date of the notice. To assist both companies and their PSCs in making this process as easy as possible, this sub-folder contains a series of pro-forma reply letters.

PSCs are also under an obligation themselves to notify the company of their status and keep this information up to date. This sub-folder also includes the letters that can be used for this purpose.

PSC Registers are part of the Corporate Folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35 + VAT.
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