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Template Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policies and Guidance

Equal Opportunity, Diversity Policy and Guidance

This sub-folder includes a comprehensive range of equal opportunity policies and guidance notes to help you comply with the relevant legislation covering your responsibilities for equal opportunities at work, including promoting diversity, preventing workplace discrimination and preventing bullying and harassment.

All the documents in this subfolder are compliant with The Equality Act 2010. There are considerable potential pitfalls for employers in managing their responsibilities under The Equality Act and having proper policies and procedures in place is essential.

The consequences of getting things wrong with workplace discrimination issues can be serious in terms of the time spent fighting an employment tribunal claim and the financial penalty if you are found to have acted in a discriminatory manner: financial awards to successful claimants in discrimination cases are uncapped.

Our equal opportunities policy statement and guidance notes can help you guard against such issues.

Equal Opportunity, Diversity Policy and Guidance are part of the Employment document folder. Get access to all of these documents only for £35 + VAT.

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