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Guidance Notes on Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Adjustments

Disability Discrimination Guidance Notes


These Disability Discrimination Guidance Notes provide information for employers and prospective employees and can be used to identify a disability and to facilitate the making of any reasonable adjustments once it is identified. They have been written in line with the Equality Act 2010 and as such can be sent out to each applicant with the relevant Job Application Form, the Job Application Guidance Notes, and the Equal Opportunities Recruitment Monitoring Form as part of the employer’s compliance with relevant disability legislation.

These guidance notes can help the company to comply with equal opportunities legislation, and deal with the employer’s obligations to make reasonable adjustments once an employee is identified as disabled under the Equality Act.

These Disability Discrimination Guidance Notes contain the following:
1. Defining a disabled person
2. What impairment covers
3. Normal day-to-day activities
4. Substantial adverse effect
5. Long-term adverse effect
6. People with severe disfigurement or progressive illness
7. Reasonable adjustments

These Guidance Notes are in open format.

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