Harassment and Bullying Policy Template

Harassment and Bullying Policy


This Harassment and Bullying Policy has been written in accordance with current best practice and provides employees with assurance that the company is committed to preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace. It includes instructions on how to confront harassment, both through informal steps and a formal procedure.

This Policy has been reviewed and updated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR requires employers to comply with core principles for collecting and processing data. In this context, this information will normally be provided through an employee privacy notice at the start of the employment relationship.

This document makes specific reference to all unlawful grounds for discrimination and harassment, including sex, age, race and disability.

This policy sets out the company’s commitment to protect its staff from bullying and harassment and provides an indicative list of the types of behaviour that it will not accept.

This Harassment and Bullying Policy contains the following sections:

1. Policy Statement
2. Harassment
3. Unlawful Grounds of Harassment or Bullying
4. Reporting Harassment
5. Procedure for Complaints
6. Consequences of Breach
7. Responsibilities of Employees and Managers
8. Support and Advice
9. Confidentiality