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Job Application Forms

In any recruitment advertisement, you should clearly specify the method by which you wish applicants to apply for the post and, in particular, whether candidates are required to complete an application form or submit a CV and covering letter.

The advantage of requiring candidates to complete an application form is that information is presented in a standard format. This makes it easier to assess each application objectively against the personal specification on the Job Description Form. If you have a lot of applications, having a standard employment application form template enables the recruiter quickly to sift through applications, focusing on some of the more important questions on the form.

The Equality Act 2010 applies to every stage of the recruitment process, including the design, interpretation and processing of job application forms, and so care has to be taken that your job application form template is compliant with current employment legislation. We have several employment application forms templates available, ensuring you can select a form that allows prospective employees to enter in information most relevant to your company.

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