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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a form of agency created by executing (signing) a deed. It is a simple legal document under which a person grants another person (or in some cases multiple persons) the authority to act on their behalf and in their name. Such an appointment can be framed so as to give general authority to act for the grantor (as far as the law allows) or to act for the grantor only in relation to a specified act or type/s of acts. 

The grantor may be an individual or it may be a company or other corporate entity. The power may be granted to one or more individuals who can then act on behalf of the grantor.

The Power of Attorney documents in this subfolder provide the essential tools for granting either a limited power of attorney or a general power of attorney. 

The Power of Attorney Checklist should be used prior to the drafting and execution of a power of attorney in order to ensure that all parties concerned fully understand and agree upon all aspects of the grant.

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