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TIGA – Sale of Uncollected Goods

Sale of Uncollected or Abandoned Goods

This subfolder contains various template forms of notice which can be used to exercise the rights given by Section 12 of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977.

Section 12 provides a procedure which you can implement to enable you lawfully to sell or dispose of any type of goods owned by a customer who has failed to collect them after you have provided it with services relating to the goods.

The subfolder includes a Guidance Note about the use of these notices and it also explains how and when Section 12 comes into play.

Where a tenant has left any of his goods at premises after his lease/tenancy agreement has expired, and the landlord wishes to sell or dispose of those goods, see the equivalent forms of Notice and Guidance Notes in our Property folder.

These Sale of Uncollected or Abandoned Goods documents are part of the Business folder. Access all Business documents for £35+VAT.

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