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Framework Agreement Documents

A supplier of goods or services will often set up a facility with a customer to provide a mechanism for the customer to place an order with the supplier from time to time on pre-agreed standard terms. This makes it easier for the parties to reach agreement on all terms where they are likely in future to enter into a series of similar transactions for one or more types of goods or services. This arrangement is usually referred to as a “framework” or “call-off” agreement (and sometimes also as a “master ordering agreement” or “blanket purchase agreement”). The expressions “framework” and “call-off” are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Such a “framework” or “call-off” arrangement may take the form of a master agreement which sets out both how the customer can place an order and all of the terms which will apply to such an order. It does not require the customer to place any order at all either at the outset or subsequently. To that extent it does not itself create any obligation on the customer. As and when it chooses to place an order during the term of the Agreement, that order establishes a binding contract for the supplier to supply and the customer to pay for the particular type and quantity of goods or services covered by the order.

The forms of Framework Agreement in this subfolder (together with one of the template Schedule 2 documents in this subfolder or a set of standard supply terms provided by a supplier) will enable a supplier to establish such a framework or call off arrangement with its customers. Whenever the customer requires any goods or services of the type covered by the terms of the form of Schedule 2 attached to the Agreement, it places an order under the ordering procedure set out in Schedule 1 to the Agreement

In order to set up such a “framework” or “call-off” arrangement” for any given type of goods or services, the supplier and the customer need to include a form of Schedule 2 into the Agreement (at the end of the Agreement) containing the particular set of terms and conditions which are to govern the supply of the particular type of goods or services that will or may be required in future by that customer. Once that Schedule 2 has been inserted, each party can sign the Agreement. Schedule 2 will contain a suitable set of standard terms and conditions selected by the Supplier; these might be one of the sets of Schedule 2 terms which can also be found in this subfolder, adapted if and as necessary, or they might be the supplier’s existing own standard terms of supply.

Each Agreement template sets out the core terms and conditions in the main body of the Agreement, and these will apply irrespective of the particular type of goods or services that the supplier is willing and able to provide to its customer. The Schedule 2 standard terms and conditions will apply in conjunction with the core terms. Each order will therefore be on the terms of main Agreement and the form of Schedule 2 that you attach to the Agreement.

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