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Flexible Working Policy and Documents

This sub folder includes a flexible working policy and a range of letters to help companies deal properly with a request from an employee to work flexibly. The law defines the statutory procedure that must be followed whenever an eligible employee submits a request for flexible working and these documents comply with this procedure.

Basically, the law gives qualifying employees who have parental responsibility for children, or adult caring responsibilities, the right to ask their employer for a change to their working hours or place of work, and compels employers to apply a designated procedure to consider such requests.

There is no obligation on you to agree automatically to a request for flexible working; the employee's right is simply to request flexible working, not to have it on demand. There is a statutory list of business reasons that an employer may give as justification for refusing an employee's request for flexible working and, where a request is refused, the reason for the refusal must be one of these reasons.

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