Flexitime Employment Contract Template

Flexi Time Employment Contract


This Flexi Time Employment Contract will allow an employer to offer its employees a more flexible working week. This system involves the employee working a set number of ‘core hours’ with the ability to vary the hours outside of this.

This employment contract has a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant data processing clause. After 25 May 2018, employers must use this clause, as employers will not be able to rely on the existing generic consent clauses.

This type of contract allows employers to attract workers with interests outside work and can enable an employer to schedule work across longer proportions of the day, therefore extending customer service. It also provides employers with greater control over the hours worked by employees on other flexible schemes such as annualisedhours, and guarantees their presence at work for a certain number of hours every day.

Employees will benefit from being able to achieve a better work-life balance, the opportunity to avoid rush hour commutes and the ability to have greater control over when they work.

This contract provides Employees with all of the rights they are entitled to by law and is up to date with the most recent changes in law.

This Flexi Time Employment Contract contains the following clauses:
1. General
2. Duties and Job Title
3. Date of Commencement / Date of Continuous Employment
4. Hours of Work
5. Place of Work
6. Remuneration
7. Collective Agreements
8. Holidays
9. Sickness Absence
10. Maternity and Paternity Rights
11. Pension
12. Non-Compulsory Retirement
13. Mobility
14. Grievance Procedure
15. Disciplinary Procedure
16. Staff Handbook and Employment Policies
17. Termination of Employment
18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This contract template is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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