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Absence and Illness Return to Work Template Form

Absence And Illness Return To Work Form


The Return to Work Form is applied post absence and illness from employment. The Employer/Company is required, as stated by the Sickness and Absence Policy, to conduct a return to work interview to discuss absence and illness.

This Illness Return Work Interview Form contains the following parts:-
1. Interview and absence details
2. Further details about the nature of illness/injury/absence
3. Optional questions
4. Manager’s recommendation regarding this absence (tick all those that apply)

This template is in fixed field format. Simply press TAB to jump from one field to the next and SHIFT + TAB to go back. Alternatively, use the mouse to click from one field to the next.

The Illness Return to Work Form template can be unlocked by clicking on the "Padlock" icon on the tool bar. To display the “Padlock” icon click on “View” and then “Toolbars”. From the “Toolbar” menu enable “Forms”.

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