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Non statutory register of charges template

Register of Charges


The current security registration regime under the Companies Act 2006 came into force on 6th April 2013. Under this regime there is no need for a company (or LLP) to keep a register of charges it creates (except in respect of charges created before 6th April 2013). Any charge, subject to limited exceptions, created by a company (or LLP) after 6th April 2013 should be registered with Companies House.

This filing will most likely be by way of Companies House Form MR01. Companies House provides guidance as to the registration process for charges on its website.

However many companies, for internal housekeeping and audit purposes will find it useful to continue to keep a record of their charges in an internal register. This template is designed to be used for this purpose and is based upon the previous statutory requirement to keep a register of charges that existed pre-April 2013.

Note however that there is still a statutory requirement for every company (& LLP) to keep copies of instruments evidencing registrable charges available for inspection at its registered office as well as copies of instruments amending or varying any charge capable of registration.

This Register Of Charges includes the details that would be expected to be included in such a register, including date of charge, nature of charge and particulars of the chargee or mortgagee.

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