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Register of Members for a CIO


This Register of Members for a CIO is designed for use by a charity formed as a CIO where:
(a) it has any members in addition to the trustees who are members, i.e. for an ‘Association Model’ CIO; and
(b) the total number of members is no more than 50 including the trustee members.

The Regulations governing CIOs:

  • require CIOs to keep a register of members in the manner required by the Regulations; but
  • do not require such a register where the only members are trustees. In that case it is only necessary to keep a register of trustees. (We have also included a Register of Trustees for a CIO in this folder and it can be used whether or not the trustees are the only members.)

This form of Register of Members for a CIO complies with the Regulations.

The Regulations require the register to include the following information:
(a) the full name of the member;
(b) the service address for the member;
(c) the date when he/she was registered as a member; and
(d) the date when he/she ceased to be a member.

The Regulations also require that:

  • on or after the 10th anniversary of the date when a person ceases to be a member (but not before), all of his/her details in the Register may be deleted;
  • if the CIO has only one member initially, the entry in the Register for that member must state “The CIO has only one member.” If the number of members is more than one but then falls to one, the entry for that member must state “The date on which the CIO became a CIO having only one member was [insert date]”. If the CIO has only one member but then the number of members increases to two or more, the entry for that member must state “The date on which the CIO ceased to be a CIO having only one member was [insert date]”. It is suggested that where that statement has to be made, it is inserted immediately below the member’s name in the register (within the same text box as his name); and
  • where there are more than 50 members, the Register is “to be kept in such a form as to constitute in itself an index”, but the Regulations do not explain how that should or can be achieved. In the absence of any interpretation of what this requires, we have not provided a format for a Register for CIOs with more than 50 members. However, the Regulations require that the information to be included in the Register for a CIO with more than 50 members will be the same as for a CIO with 50 or fewer members.

This document can be used in conjunction with the accompanying List of current Members for a CIO also included in this group.

This template is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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