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Acceptance of Alternative Employment Letter


Where the redundancy of an employee is under consideration, an employer should consider whether there is alternative employment available for the employee elsewhere within the organisation.

If the employer is unsure as to whether or not an available alternative job is suitable for a redundant or potentially redundant employee, the employer should discuss the options for alternative employment with the employee. The employer should not make assumptions. Even if the alternative role involves a lower salary or a loss of seniority, the employee may prefer to accept the role rather than being made redundant.

An unreasonable refusal by the employee to accept a job which is considered to be suitable alternative employment can prevent the employee from being eligible for statutory redundancy pay. Such offers of alternative employment should be made before the end of the existing employment contract to take effect immediately on the termination of that employment contract.

This letter is for the employer to confirm that the employee has accepted the offer of alternative employment and the terms that will apply to this alternative role.

If an employee accepts an offer of alternative employment on different terms (wholly or partially) to the original contract, he or she is entitled to a statutory trial period of four weeks. If, before or during the trial period, the employer or the employee wish to bring the trial period to an end, the employee will be taken as having been dismissed as from the date his or her original job terminated.

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