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Document Templates for Leaving Employment

Leaving Employment, Termination, Resignation and Retirement

Simply-Docs provides a comprehensive package of professionally drafted documents, fully editable, for documenting the termination of employment.

An employee can leave your company for a variety of reasons. They may resign, retire, or you may dismiss them because of redundancy or poor performance. Whatever the circumstances, you need to make sure you follow proper procedures and, in all cases, ensure that you agree notice periods, the employee’s leaving date and arrange for a proper handover of work and the return of company property.

For senior employees, and depending on the terms of their employment contracts, you may wish to put them on a period of ‘garden leave’ and/or remind them of the terms of their restrictive covenants.

These Leaving Employment Document templates are part of the Employment Document Folder. One payment of £35 + VAT will provide you with unlimited downloads of all documents in the Employment folder for one year.

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